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Amok Draumr 3.0 Review


I lead regular trips to the forests and lakes of Finland canoeing and practising Bushcraft skills. Northern Temperate Forest is one of my favourite regions of the world. However the rocky landscape with little topsoil can make finding a good spot for my Tipi a challenge. When leading groups it is better for the staff to hang leaving the best camp spots for our clients. I have tried many hammock styles but generally prefer the ground until I saw an advert for the Draumr 3.0

Manufacturers Description.

Amok Equipment was founded by enthusiastic Norwegian outdoor engineers. Draumr originates from Old Norse and means Dream. This hammock bed is the dream gear for anyone who would like to sleep truly flat when out camping.

Truly flat lay. Sleep flat on your side, back and stomach

Chair mode: Adjustment straps to turn the hammock upright like a chair

Integrated bug net with YKK zipper

Suspension straps with 10 kN carabiners and tree huggers included

Bottle holder and storage pockets

Durable and spacious pack-sack

Handle and backpack attachment points for easy transportation

Designed by Norwegian Outdoor Engineers



70D Ripstop Nylon


47oz / 1340g (including bug net and suspension kit)


330 lb / 150 kg max weight

One person hammock

max length 75 inches / 190 cm

Pack size

12 in x 7 in / 30 cm x 17 cm

Suspension straps

250 cm / 98 in

Review Body

First impressions of the Draumr are very good. Amok were an easy company to do business with. They replied to my email promptly and dispatched the hammock with tracking details on time. Overall purchasing the hammock was simplicity itself. I chose to the buy the full package from Amok for the Draumr 3.0 a sleeping pad and a tarp to compliment the hammock.

Although I already own several self-inflating mattresses for camping none of my existing pads will provide the support required for use in the hammock. The pad you choose must have vertical baffles. I also own a number of tarps. I wanted to be able to compare the Amok tarp to other brands.

The build quality of the Amok Draumr is really good. The hammock is well made with attention to the details that appeal to me as a former mechanical design engineer. The colour coded carabiners to point out port and starboard. Velcro ties for the straps etc. Its these small details that matter when your cold and tired and need shelter in a hurry.

Set Up.

The folk at Amok say that the hammock can be placed between trees as close as 2.5m. Maximum distance is approx. 6m. The straps should not be over tightened and should be at 30 degrees from the ridge line.

To pitch the hammock you simply pull out the strap which has the carabiner attached and wrap the strap around the tree ensuring that the tension in on the strap and not on the carabiner. Then walk to the other tree and repeat the carry bag is attached to the straps. I use this bag to hold my other stuff sacks. Once both straps are attached to trees you use the loops to tension and centralise the hammock. Here is where I struggle a little. I’m not quite as tall as you’re average strapping Norwegian. The Draumr straps need to be set quite high on the tree or the hammock once in aboard touches the ground. I have to be at full stretch and on tip toes and I’m still not quite tall enough. I think once I have got more used to settling up the hammock it will not be a deal breaker. Taller users won’t have the same issues with the hammock as I do. The other issue I have is getting into the hammock. Being short only 5ft 2 I find the method shown on their instruction videos of bending bag the foot box and sitting in the hammock neigh on impossible. Trying to straddle the foot box and sitting back is also not terribly successful. I found climbing in from the side with a knee and then rolling onto my back worked.

Another thing that needs a little care is body placement within the hammock. Ideally you should be lying down with your hips in line with the pockets I had an unfortunate incident the first night using the hammock were I must have been a little too far up the hammock as it tried to eject me head first out the bag Fully cocooned in my sleeping bag with my feet in the air and my head slowly sliding towards the ground took some fairly good core muscles to halt the slide. I found it fairly amusing, one of those things, learning to get the best out of a new piece of kit.

What I really enjoyed about the hammock was the ability to adjust my sleeping position using the straps inside the hammock. Raising or lowering my head and feet to get the optimum sleeping position. The hammock is super comfortable when used sleeping on your back, slide or stomach.

I’m predominately a slide sleeper so this is really what sets the Draumr apart.

The other great feature of the Draumr is it can be turned into a rather comfortable day chair using the adjustment straps. Once again I think to get the most from this feature ideally you could do with being a little taller. My knees aren’t in the right location to get maximum benefit. The chair is more of a lounger for me.

The one negative that will take some getting used to is the noise. OK. I confess I am a fidget. I can’t stay still if my life depended on it. The fabric of the hammock is pretty loud whenever you change position. My neighbour hanging from a tree 30m away complained she could hear me. Although she can sleep through my wounded stag snoring so it wasn’t that annoying.


Ø Quality build..

Ø Easy Set up.

Ø Multiple sleeping positions.

Ø Converts to chair mode.


Ø Heavy compared to other hammocks.

Ø Challenging for shorter users to set up high enough and to get in and out of.

Ø Noisy

Ø Not a cheap option.

Ø Needs a sleeping pad


The team at Amok clearly love their product and the attention to detail and build quality in my mind justifies the premium price. The hammock is simple to set up and has a lot of range in spacing. This will come in useful on expedition. What does concern me about its suitability for serious expedition use is its reliance on an inflated sleeping pad to be functional. No mat no usable hammock. Their website does say carry a repair kit for your mat but it’s still a bit of a concern. The other thing that alarmed me after I received the hammock their little leaflet in the stuff sack states not suitable for use in poor weather. It’s supposed to be a complete sleep system adverse weather is to be expected. That said this hammock has got me excited about hammocks again after a gap on over 10 years. I like the privacy of a tent and the feeling of security one gets in a well made tent. This hammock has the potential to be my go to sleep system for solo camping for some time to come.


Ratings are out of 5, 1 being bad and 5 being the best

Fit for Purpose - 5/5

Versatility - 4/5

Durability - 5/5

Value for money - 4/5 Pricing 279.00 Euro

Overall - 4/5



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